About Vicipass

Gateway to Health & Wellness Applications

Vicipass enables health service providers to launch an app store with a portfolio of pre-integrated wellness services. The WellneXchange cloud brokering portal can be used as a SaaS product as such, or deployed as a new whitelabel instance with your corporate identity.

Vicipass also consults in defining and choosing the suitable health and wellness service portfolio for your needs, and helps define and develop applications to your need as a software subcontractor.

  • Patient data 
  • Personal health records
  • Activity and exercise
  • Coaching
  • Mental strength

Vicipass Offering

WellneXchange: Cloud Brokering App Store

You may wish to offer 3rd party wellness apps to your customer base. You can deploy our cloud brokering app store with your own branding, and with zero IT integration, use it to invite, provision and manage access rights and subscriptions, statistics and billing. We handle the revenue share reconciliation with the underlying partners, or you may choose to establish reselling agreements directly with each provider.

Distribute Your Own Wellness App

You have a great app and are looking to expand distribution? We are keen to learn about it and explore reselling and channel partnership thru our cloud brokering partners or a revenue share basis.

Health App Development

Over the years, we have created a number of purpose-built health and wellness applications and patient data systems for our clients and built networks to dozens of app providers between Europe and Silicon Valley. We can be your specification and outsourced development partner, or consult in choosing the right 3rd party application bundle for your business needs.

Family Health Folder

We have also developed a service for managing your family’s health records and tracking your child’s development steps. We offer the product to health service providers, family magazines and pharmaceutical companies as whitelable. Try family.vicipass.com. 

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